Special Events and Activities


Ongoing Activities

  • GARDENEWS  is the monthly publication from the Federated Garden Clubs of Maryland.  It provides news and information submitted by all Clubs for sharing.
  • The National Garden Clubs offers a number of Publications available for subscription.
  • There is so much to know about the history of the Blue Star Memorials.  Here is some valuable information and a fun bit of history.
  • Those interested in the Master Gardener Program can find information and details about the overall program as well as activities specific to Calvert County.
  • Ingrid Swann (St. Mary’s County GC and frequent contributor to Art Blooms) offers design classes on an ongoing basis. For details click here.
  • There is always a lot happening at Cylburn Arboretum and at the U.S. National Arboretum
  • The Federated Garden Clubs of Maryland maintains a Calendar of Events for all FGCMD Clubs.  Check for the latest HERE.
  • Ikebana International, Chapter No.1 has an Annual Exhibit during the second two or three weeks in April.  For the latest information check the Ikebana International Chapter No. 1 website for details.
  • Each year several counties in Maryland participate in the Maryland House & Garden Pilgrimage in late April and during May.  Check the Pilgrimage website for detailed information and dates for each County.
  • The National Garden Clubs sponsor the Annual National Garden Week during the first week of June.  Check HERE for this year’s details.
  • THe District II Executive Board meetings are on the second Friday of September, February and June of each year.
  • The District Annual meeting is on the second Friday of March.
  • The District Semi-Annual meeting is on the second Friday in October.
  • The State Annual meeting is on the 4th Tuesday of March.