Membership Requirements

The Calvert Garden Club was organized in 1936 and is a member of the Federated Garden Clubs of Maryland. Membership is open to all individuals interested in gardening, landscaping, floral design and conservation and preservation of the community. Lectures, demonstrations, workshops and field trips are designed to enhance knowledge in all of these areas.

Meetings are held at a local church on the third Thursday of the month from September to June  (We are grateful to the church for their generosity in charging us a small fee for the use of the parish hall — the Club is not affiliated with any church.)  When an opening in the club is available, individuals interested in joining are required to attend three business meetings and participate in a major project, such as the Plant Sale or the Christmas Greening, before applying for membership.   Each potential member is sponsored by three current members.  Members who join us through their own interest and do not know any current members are connected with current members, who will get to know them in informal get-togethers and become their sponsors.  After fulfilling these requirements, a letter of recommendation for membership by the sponsors will be submitted to the Chair of the Membership Committee. The sponsor and the two co-signers must be Active members of at least two years standing. After a unanimous acceptance by this Committee, the name shall be submitted to the club as per Article III, Section 2, Part B of the bylaws and voted on by the general membership.

Once voted into the Club, every member is required to:

  • Attend at least five business meetings per year which are held from September through June.
  • Participate fully in all club projects and activities.

    The April Plant Sale and the December Greening of the Courthouse Square are mandatory.

  • Pay annual dues.
  • Take turns hosting Garden Club meetings.
  • Serve on or chair at least one committee.

Members are also expected to:

  • Bring an annual artistic arrangement and at least one horticultural exhibit each year.
  • Participate in The Maryland House & Garden Pilgrimage, which occurs every three years.

Sponsors are responsible for the future of the club. To meet this goal, a sponsor must be responsible for any member she brings into the club. A sponsor should, at a minimum, expect to do the following so that a new member becomes an active participant in club activities:

  • Identify appropriate potential members.
  • Convey the ethos of the club to the potential member so that she will feel at home.
  • Mentor the new member so s(he) becomes an active participant.
  • Introduce the prospective or new member to other members of the club.

For a printable brochure on membership requirements, please click here.