Officers & Committees

Our 2023 – 2025 officers are:

President: Carol Frederick
First Vice Presidents Andrea Kroll
Anne Watson
Second Vice President: Peggy Cochran
Recording Secretary: Carolyn Steiner
Corresponding Secretary: Lucy Muehleisen
Treasurer: Shahla Butler
Advisor  Helen Prince

The Executive Board of the Club is made up of its elected officers whose roles and responsibilities are defined by the Club bylaws and conform to the bylaws of the National Garden Clubs, Central Atlantic Region and the Federated Garden Clubs of Maryland.  The routine activities of the Club are carried out by Standing Committees.  Committee responsibilities are defined below.

Awards Maintains the range of awards available from NGC, CAR, and State.  Determine the appropriate awards category for the various projects undertaken by club members. Understands the submission process.  Assists chairs and project managers with completing the applications. Submits applications in a timely fashion.
Bay-Wise Encourages members to sign up for the learning experience that is provided by assessing their current practices and learn some new practices to promote healthy land, waterways, and our Chesapeake Bay. The Bay-Wise Yardstick is an efficient resource for gardeners and is usually given to the gardeners before the visit so they can see practices that make them stewards of their land.
Budget & Finance (Treasurer) Reviews requested budget from committee and project chairs, prepares a proposed annual balanced budget for the March meeting. Finalizes the budget after member approval. Maintains the financial books of the Club.
Chaplain Opens meeting with an inspirational prayer or poem, usually gardening related.
Conservation Monitors and informs the club of any Federal or State legislation concerning conservation and encourages members to support it. Monitors county and local community conservation efforts and informs/involves the Club as appropriate. Promotes conservation practices in Club programs and projects.
Floral Design Schedules workshops for each year. Coordinates workshop hosts and location. Recruits members for participation. Tracks participants and provides a report to the President. Writes a monthly newsletter article outlining the upcoming design, acknowledging designers, provides next month’s theme.
Historian (usually current President or Recording Secretary) Keeps a historical record of all major activities and accomplishments of the Club.
Horticulture Schedules the horticulture exhibits for monthly meetings; tracks participants and provides a report to President; contributes to the monthly newsletter.
Horticulture Study Group Organizes short field trips or discussion groups where members learn about horticulture trends and practices.
Hostesses Coordinates hostesses for meetings and events ensures that each member fulfills their requirement to serve as a hostess.
Landscape & Community Outreach Point-person for members of the community who would like the Club to help with civic landscaping. Coordinates members’ participation in civic projects and if requested, acts as the design consultant for civic landscaping projects.
Librarian The chair is responsible for the Club’s library and maintains a list of all books. The chair also informs members of new books that may help with floral design, horticulture or other Club projects.
Membership Database Maintains a database for the master roster and Quick Reference chart with up-to-date member contact information. Ensures the most current Member Roster and Quick Reference is provided to the Webmaster.
Membership (Second Vice President) Recruits new members and guides them through the membership process; maintains membership files, tracks meeting attendance; keeps the guest book and provides nametags.
Memorials & Remembrances Proposes memorials or remembrances for deceased Club presidents.
Newsletter (Corresponding Secretary) Produces and distributes the monthly newsletter, maintains the Club’s Calendar.
Parliamentarian Ensures that the Club follows Robert’s Rules of Order and adheres to Club’s bylaws.
Photographer Responsible for the official photographic history of the Club.  Takes pictures at meetings, workshops, flower shows, trips and all gatherings where the Club is involved.
Plant Sale The Annual Plant Sale is the Club’s main fundraising activity, and it provides the means of funding all the community outreach activities of the Club.  It takes place on the last Saturday of April.  Members provide the plants for free from their gardens.  Their contributions are augmented by plants from wholesalers or other nurseries that provide the Club with special pricing.  It is a morning of fun activities and information exchange.  Knowledgeable members and master gardeners circulate to provide the public with information about the plants.  Raffles help raise additional money.  Baked goods provided by members add to the festive ambiance.
Programs (First Vice President) Plans, coordinates, and supervises all club programs and trips. Solicits input from other members and clubs.
Publicity The Club’s liaison with newspapers, magazines, radio stations and other forms of communication to promote the Club activities and projects.
Sunshine Maintains the “Sunshine Fund” and sends cards/flowers to sick or hospitalized members or their family.
Ways & Means Raises money for the Sunshine fund by various means (eg, auctions, raffles, sales).
Website Designs and maintains information on the Club website for members and to inform and educate our community. Provides links to useful resources and educational materials that are used by schools and other interested community organizations.  Keeps the information accurate and useful for member communication, recruitment of new members, and publication of civic events and communication with the public.
Wildlife Contributes a monthly newsletter article regarding wildlife, birding and nature.
Yearbook Coordinates and produces the annual Club Yearbook and Quick Reference, interfaces with other chairs to obtain updated information, procures printing and distributes to members.

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