Community Outreach Project Chairs

We pride ourselves in being a service organization and serving our communities and our County, through a variety of public service projects and educational opportunities.  The following is the list of projects the Club is currently supporting.  We encourage our visitors to contact our Project chairs with ideas and suggestions or if you wish to get involved.  For a more complete description of each project please visit our PROJECTS page.


C = Chair                        A= Adviser


Art Blooms at Annmarie Garden

Mary Augustosky
Peggy Cochran
Joyce Fletcher (C)
Marcia Olson (C)

Blue Star Memorial

Annette Davis (C)
Sonya Morris

Books in Bloom

No project this year

Civic Decorations (Christmas Greening)

Mary Augustosky (A)
Jane Eyler
Andrea Jordan
Pat Mann
Susan Moe (C)
Pat Terlisner

Landscape & Conservation:

  • Boyd King Park/Phillips House
  • Linden Garden
Rosemary Dawley
Marcia Olson
Helen Prince
Nancy Thompson (C)
Hospice House Flowers & Planters Mary Anna Phillips (C)
Terri Waller (A)
Janet Wells (C)
Hospice Festival of Wreaths Andrea Kroll

Maryland House & Garden Pilgrimage 2020

Maricarol Cloak
Carol Frederick (C)
Adele Maguire
Donations and Grants Jane Eyler
Alice Galligan (A)
Jody Longhill(C)

Nursing Center Therapy

Sue Finan (C)
Young Gardeners – Calverton Gardening Program (4th Grade) Terri Waller
 Young Gardeners- Youth Contests Vicki Geneva
Young Gardeners – Calverton Gardening Program (K-5th Grade) Vicki Geneva