Member Suggested Links

The links and ideas on this page are recommendations from several of our most experienced members for the benefit of our members and community.

Maryland Bay-wise Program strives to achieve better water quality through smarter gardening practices.  The program is a homeowner education program conducted by Maryland Master Gardeners.   If you are interested in getting your landscape certified as Bay-wise you can start with looking at the Yardstick here. To request a garden visit please contact our Bay-wise Chairs: Denise Moroney or Mary Ellen Romney.

Musk OkraLindaWestern
was a long-time member of the Club. She was generous in sharing what she called her “mystery” plant, which she collected from seed pods.  The plant was for many years referred to as Linda’s mystery plant. It is Abelmoschus moschatus and you can find out a lot more about it by following the link. Its common name is  “musk okra” and is considered to be a native plant, hence it is planted in the U.S. Botanic Garden‘s Native Plant garden.  

How to Put Your Garden to Bed for the Winter.  This is based on a presentation given by Kathy Jentz at the September 19, 2013 Club meeting.

After receiving many requests for her favorite nurseries Shahla Butler has compiles the list below.
Plant Delights Nursery
Camellia Forest Nursery
Rare Finds Nursery
Edible Landscaping
Old House Gardens Heirloom Bulbs
Renee’s Seeds

Worried about Rose Rosette? Get information here.

If you want to learn more about what is hurting Native Bees  More information is available here. And monarch butterflies and milkweed?  Check out these articles milkweed-monarch-concerns.

Vegetable and fruit planning advice and tips are covered extensively at GrowVeg.

Local flower Growers will provide you with the best choices all season long.

Battling Mice and Voles gives nice tips about how to deal with these nuisances.

Battling Aphids?  Read this article for helpful hints about prevention and treatment.

Fundraising Ideas
Order Houses and Nesting materials to have available at next plant sale.  Request the discount order form at  Our Club will receive 30% discount for nesting materials, houses and accessories.  We can set the sale price for the desired profit margin.  Crown Bees will take back unsold materials with a 10% restocking fee.

Did You Know that You Can Order Bulbs for  Your Garden and Help our Club at the Same Time?

Click here to order bulbs from Brent and Becky’s via a special program called Bloominbucks.  Choose the Calvert Garden Club as your organization of choice.  A portion of your sale order comes back to the Club as cash so you can raise funds for the Club while ordering the bulbs or other items you want!

A list of Invasive plants you want to avoid is maintained by the Nature Conservancy, the University of Maryland extension service, the Invasive Plant Atlas of US, the Invasive Species Concern of Maryland, Baywise In Anne Arundel County.

How to Identify Poison Ivy.  This is a comprehensive look at poison ivy in its various stages of growth and seasons.