Meetings and Field Trips

Meeting Schedule and Guidelines

Meetings are held on the third Thursday of each month from September to June.  Members gather at 10:30 AM for time to “meet and greet” and then enjoy informative horticulture or floral related program at 11:00Lunch is served at noon followed by a business meeting, usually lasting until 2:30. All members are expected to stay until adjournment. Twice a year (in May and October) field trips are taken to historical sites, public gardens, and other places of horticultural interest.  The December meeting is held on the first Tuesday of the month for the “Greening of the Courthouse Square.”  The March meeting is reserved for the Annual Business Meeting and no programs are scheduled.

Members host the meeting luncheon on a rotating basis.  Host Assignments for 2021-2022 and. Guidelines for hostesses on activities needed and how to set up the hall are available on this site and can be seen by following the appropriate links.

Meeting Content

See Monthly Meeting Programs and Field Trips Schedule for 2021

Our programs consist of presentations, demonstrations, or hands-on workshops. Their content varies and covers horticultural information, floral design techniques, landscape architecture and design and educational information about conservation and natural resources preservation.

See Floral Design Workshops Schedule

Specific design styles are selected each month and each member can express her imagination and creativity during the year. Doing a design one time during the year is the responsibility of each club member.  Floral Design Chair and designated monthly Workshop leader will discuss the design exhibits with the group.

See Monthly Horticultural Exhibits List

There are two purposes for Horticulture exhibits. First is to learn to follow the Horticulture schedule and second is to inform each other about varieties and qualities of the myriad plants available to us today. Horticulture  Chair will lead the discussion of horticulture exhibits.

  1. Each horticulture specimen must be brought to the meeting in an individual container.
  2. Each horticulture specimen should have a completed card (with your name on the back) as follows: Latin name, common name, variety, culture requirements, and any other interesting information.
  3. If the name of a specimen is unknown, the Horticulture Committee will endeavor to assist with identification.
  4. The Club expects that specimens have been grown by the exhibitor, or have been in her possession for at least three months.
  5. All materials must be placed for display by 10:30 a.m.