Floral Design

Floral Designs for 2016 – 2017
(Judges will be selected at the meeting)

April 20, 2016 :   “Let’s Bloom Again” – To interpret a painting or sculpture using plant material.

September 15, 2016:  “Get Rhythm” – Using spiral midollino to accent your floral arrangements

October 15, 2016:    No Design Planned

November 16, 2016:  Where did you find that?”- Creative floral arrangement in an unusual container found at home

January 19, 2017:    “Elevated to new heights” – Horizontal floral arrangement using an igloo holder on a candle stick or tall thin cylindrical vase

February 15, 2017:   : “Woodsy Tulipary” – Pencil thin woody stems/sticks conceal cylinder vase of tulips creating a look of a topiary

March 16, 2017:   : “We stand together”  – A creative design in which three or more groupings of plant material and other components are placed in a strong parallel manner in a single container on a base

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